Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Post of a Brand New Blog...

... which will be used for all things miscellaneous! Now and then I'll be posting a giveaway that doesn't seem to be fitting for my other blogs. In fact, my second post here will be to pass on a giveaway for a sports bra. My blog Just Camping is more about my life, family happenings, and spiritual musings while I'm waiting for the Lord to come. Quilty as Charged is the blog I started for all things quilt-related, but right now I haven't taken the total plunge into quilting, but I do love to look at quilt blogs, and share giveaways on Quilty as Charged for fabric, notions, and etc. that I come across. It just didn't seem fitting to post about a sports bra giveaway on a quilting blog, even though I've posted a couple for swimwear there... thus, Just Have To Tell You is born...  :)

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